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easter Top Best Places to Celebrate Easter 2018 in Connecticut

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Connecticut has a fine mishmash of Easter events for kids, families and adults. You could start your Easter celebration with a traditional egg hunt or lavish brunch for your entire family. There are Easter themed events all around town and there are specials only for adults, mostly in the evening. You can rely on our […]


connecticut Top 5 Weekend Getaways in Connecticut

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Connecticut is a small northeastern state that gets largely overshadowed by its exponentially more popular neighbor, New York. The southernmost state in New England has something for every tourist. There are historical museums, spectacular beaches, busy ports, botanical gardens, nature trails and swanky cities. You may be drawn to the beaches of New England at […]


patrick's day Your Connecticut St. Patrick’s Day Guide

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Connecticut comes alive in March, predominantly owing to the innumerable St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. While some states have events confined to the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Connecticut has a month long itinerary of festivities. Hartford, Stonington and New Britain may be busy cities and it is natural for them to be livelier during St. Patrick’s […]


resolutions Why You Should Never Stop Setting Resolutions

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Another new year, another new list of resolutions you may (or may not) have succeeded at keeping until now. While most people’s resolutions start to fade by the time the second month of the year rolls around, and the reality of the tasks they have given themselves sets in, here’s why you can – and […]


company retreat How to Plan a Fun and Productive Company Retreat

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Do you feel the workers in the company are all stressed out and are losing interest in their jobs? A company retreat is one of the ways to reignite their passion for their jobs. If well planned, a company retreat will reduce stress levels and in turn give the workers energy to be more productive. […]


wedding venues 7 Unique Wedding Venues in Connecticut

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Getting the perfect wedding venue for that perfect day can be a headache. Especially in Connecticut where there are so many options to pick from, ranging from ballrooms to country club. However, if you are interested in something different, a wedding venue that is considered unique in Connecticut, then it’s time to start thinking outside […]


valentine's day How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special with a Limousine

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Are you wondering how to make your valentine’s day special? Of course, you are. It’s that time of the year when romance fills the air when lovers express their feeling to each other. It’s February, the month of love and affection. It is the time when lovers show themselves love in the most sincere and […]


hotels Top Luxury Hotels in Connecticut

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There are times you want to pamper yourself, enjoy a lifestyle you normally wouldn’t. What better way to indulge these cravings than to lodge yourself in a luxury hotel. Whether you are on a business trip to Connecticut or it’s a vacation, a deluxe experience is what you need.  To make it easier for you, […]


birthday party How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

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Planning the perfect birthday party is all about personalization. This is the key to making that special day memorable. Why is it essential to make it memorable? Almost every culture around the world celebrates a birthday the same way, family and friends gather to share food and drinks. Occasionally, they come bearing gifts, and you […]


casino How to Enjoy a Night of Fun at the Casino

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Connecticut is home to some of the most fun and exciting casinos in the US, perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion. Transform your casino trip into a memorable experience. With a luxury vehicle, you can get into the mood for a big, successful night as soon as you hit the […]