10 Tips to Increase Productivity


We all procrastinate. You find yourself watching the most random YouTube videos, or deep-cleaning your desk drawers instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing. The important thing is noticing that you are doing it, and weeding it out!

At Premier Limo, we are all about making life easier for our customers. Our Connecticut Car Service’s take all the stress out of business travel, which got us thinking about productivity and if we had any tips to help you stay focused.


No Multitasking

You would have thought that multi-tasking would improve productivity, but studies have shown that it actually makes you far less productive. The truth is, we can only multitask when the tasks in question don’t require much brain power. You can walk down the street while talking on the phone, but try writing a blog post while listening to a podcast. It doesn’t work. Focus on one task at a time and get more done!


No Unnecessary Meetings

You should always ask yourself, “Is this meeting really worthwhile?” If the answer isn’t a clear ‘yes’, then cancel it. Meetings can be such a huge drain on time, they can go on for hours without a clear objective. Make sure you have a clear outcome and a time limit.


Stand Up Meetings

If you really must have a meeting, try making everyone stand up. You’ll find that you get through your objectives a lot quicker if you can’t sit back and relax.


To-Do Lists (and stick to them)

Almost everyone has made a To-Do list before. But how often do you actually stick to them? If you’re going to use this approach, make sure you systematically work through the list and cross the items off as you finish them.


Learn How to Delegate

This is super important. Ever heard the phrase “two heads are better than one”. Well, it’s true. Make sure you use your workforce effectively. Involve them if you need help with a decision and make sure they have enough work to stay stimulated. Delegation is one of the keys to success.


Take Breaks

Again, this might sound counterintuitive, but taking breaks is an important part of staying productive. Set a timer on your phone and work for 90-minute intervals. When you take a break, make sure to get away from your screen and change your environment. This will help you work harder for longer.


Keep Track of Time

It’s a good exercise to keep track of how long different tasks take. Then you can check what uses most of your time. If you’re spending most of your day deleting emails, then you need to find a more productive way of sorting them.


No Distractions

You should take any possible steps to minimize distractions. Of course, you can’t completely shut yourself off from the world. But if you can turn your phone on silent and shut your office door, you’ll get a lot more done.

Posted on Oct 17 2017

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