4 Microbreweries in CT You Should Visit


One of the most exciting things to enjoy when in Connecticut is the Beer Trail. Not only is the state the home to large breweries, but there are also a large number of microbreweries to visit too. Why visit a CT microbrewery, you ask?

Microbreweries owners generally derive great pride from creating a high-quality beer that is not available on the general market. As such, they are always experimenting with things like scent, flavor and alcohol content. They basically craft beverages you won’t find anywhere else. This is why they are also known as craft breweries.

There is just one question to ask now, which microbreweries are worth visiting in Connecticut? You are about to find out. Outlined below are four Connecticut Microbreweries you should consider visiting.


Shebeen Brewing

This microbrewery is renowned for its Irish pub-like ambiance, which makes it a favorite among locals and tourists. Located in Wolcott, Shebeen Brewing is not a large place. However, it gets crowded pretty quickly.

You can enjoy a tour of the facility and the beer making process for $5. This includes a sample of the beer on tap too. One beer you should try when is Shebeen brewing is the Cannoli beer. Consider visiting this microbrewery on Thursday and Friday from 5 pm until 9 pm. You can also visit on Saturday and Sunday from noon till 7 pm and noon until 5 pm respectively.


Veracious Brewing Company

In 2016, Beeradvocate Magazine named this Monroe Brewery among the top 33 new breweries in the country. Veracious Brewing company offers 14 beers on tap, also including a number of wines. Aside from alcohol, you can also enjoy cold-brewed nitrogen infused coffee. This makes this microbrewery the perfect spot for a group with diverse taste.

In addition to the drinks, Veracious Brewing Company offers some board games to keep you entertained. The microbrewery is opened on Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm, Fridays from noon to 9 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 9 pm.


Firefly Hollow Brewing Co.

Located in Bristol, this microbrewery just celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. is a small brewery that prides itself on knowing everything about beer and is willing to pass the information to their customers.

You’ll be able to visit this brewery on Thursday and Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm. Saturdays are from noon to 9 pm and Sundays are from noon until 5 pm.


Willimantic Brewing Company

Willimantic Brewing company offers one of the most impressive operations in Connecticut. With a bar and a full restaurant, this microbrewery offers a really upscale experience in a down to earth environment. Although a bit pricey, Willimantic Brewing company’s food is just as amazing as the beer. This microbrewery is opened every day of the week but within a limited time.


On a Final Note

There are many other microbreweries to check out in Connecticut. Choose your favorite and not only will you have a taste of the best craft beer, but you’ll also learn about the brewing process. There is just one problem, how to make the most of your Connecticut Brewery tour?

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Posted on Sep 25 2018

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