5 Airport Tips Every Traveler Should Know


Airports are an integral part of every long-distance travel itinerary. Their unique locations and function make airports often difficult to navigate or understand completely. Although they tend to be more expensive and uncomfortable, airports are a necessary part of traveling. Fortunately, there are some ways to make time spent at an airport more relaxing and worthwhile. After spending years and years in airports, travelers pick up some tricks and strategies. Here are five airport tips that every traveler should know.


  1. Leave enough time for connections.

A majority of flights will have connections in an airport. Pricing and a lack of available flights usually keep travelers from having those prized direct flights. When booking a flight with a connection, it is important to ensure there is enough time to make the transfer. Even the smallest airports in the country can have complicated terminal connections. It is helpful to plan out the connection online. Most airports will have a map of their terminals and an estimated transfer time between each. Matching this information with the arriving and departing terminals on a flight can help travelers better judge their connection time.


  1. Prepare your belongings before security.

Security is the biggest headache that people experience when traveling through airports. Although these safety measures may be for a good cause, the time-consuming and evasive nature of these routines can be quite annoying. To help make the security check go faster, travelers often prepare their belongings before security. Instead of causing a traffic jam at the security conveyor, expert travelers start preparing beforehand. Electronics and liquids can be removed. Shoes and belts can be taken off. A little preparation before reaching security can help make the check go a lot smoother. Everyone in line will also be thankful.


  1. Mark your luggage.

Any traveler who has stood at baggage claim for even a few minutes has realized how similar everyone's luggage looks. It comes as no surprise that countless travelers get their baggage confused with another person's belongings. To help make the baggage claim process go a bit smoother, travelers should mark their luggage. This makes it easier to identify and also ensures that fellow travelers don't mistake your bag for their own. You can mark your luggage with colorful tape, a nameplate or other creative markets.


  1. Check-in online.

Waiting in line seems to be a common theme at the airport. While there is no shortcut around security, there is a way to skip lines at the check-in counter. Most airlines offer an option for travelers to check-in online. This helps to greatly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend at the airport waiting.


  1. Be patient.

Travelers always have a sense of urgency in an airport. The sheer number of people and the stress of traveling can make it an anxious experience. Being patient and remaining calm can help make sure that no mistakes are made. This tip can also make traveling more enjoyable.

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Posted on Nov 06 2018

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