8 Biggest Business Travel Blunders


Have you ever missed a flight? Forgot your passport or didn’t pack your laptop? Everyone makes mistakes when traveling; we’re only humans, right? But when you’ve packed in as many meetings as possible, and you’ve got seven flights in seven days, you can’t afford to be careless.

Fortunately, we are in the business of preparation and timekeeping. Our luxury Connecticut ground transportation service is renowned for its reliability and impeccable customer service.

Along the way, we’ve seen it all.

Here are a few common business travel blunders and how to avoid them:



You’ve got to carry it. You’ve got to drag it onto a plane, then lift it above your head into the lockers. Only take what you need.


Not Having A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Don’t rely on the airport’s Wi-Fi; you’ll end up walking around the terminal with your laptop in your hands, desperately searching for a signal. Get yourself a wireless hotspot and you’ll never have to worry about connectivity again.


Not Planning Your Trip to The Airport

 The airport shuttle service we provide is so much more than a lift to the airport.

All of our cars are equipped with a GPS system that is linked to our dispatch headquarters, where we monitor live traffic, weather and any other events that could cause delay. We make it our business to get you there early.

We also track our customer’s flights to make sure we’re aware of any schedule changes.

Whether your flight is early, late or perfectly on time, we’ll be waiting to pick you up.


Relying on Your Phone

 Phone batteries don’t last forever. Make sure you carry a paper copy of booking documents, hotel information, and important phone numbers.


Making Your Schedule Too Busy

 Be realistic when you’re creating your schedule. We all like to book in as many meetings as possible. But make sure it is possible!

Always try and schedule in some downtime and even an extra day to catch up on your emails, catch up on sleep and make sure you’re at your best.


Not Keeping Track of Your Expenses

 Remember, you’re traveling for work. You need to keep on top of your expenses.

That used to mean sticking all your old receipts on a spike, but now there’s another way.

There are now tons of apps that can help you keep on top of your expenses. Try DollarBird, Bill Guard or Expensify.

Posted on Sep 26 2017

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