Best Phone Apps for the Airport


Smartphones are providing more and more services every day, and a few simple smartphone apps can make your next trip to the airport go a lot more smoothly. From easily finding local fun in the area you're visiting to avoiding awful jet lag, apps can take your travel game to the next level. While you're waiting for one of our chauffeurs to arrive, or when you're booking your flight, trying out a few of these apps might make your trip go a little more smoothly.


GateGuru for iOS, Android, and Windows

When you're hopping from one airport to the next, finding the bathrooms, restaurants, and other amenities can make or break a trip. This free app has partnered with airport management companies worldwide to give you up-to-date information on an airport's offerings, whether domestic or international. When you upload your flight information, the app also keeps you informed on the latest delays, layovers, and more. Never get lost trying to find the Cinnabon between gate G5 and G7 again!


Entrain for iOS and Android

This app helps fight jet lag! Instead of dozing off while waiting for our Connecticut airport shuttle, you'll be ready to go with this app's circadian rhythm calculations. Switching between time zones can mess with your internal clock, but with the Entrain app's guidance and some information about your travels, you can keep your internal clock on track. The free Entrain app was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan and is a great app for travelers.


LoungeBuddy for iOS

Have some time to kill at the airport and want to get away from the noise and crowds? The LoungeBuddy app quickly shows you all of the lounges available in your airport, and you can even book one through the app. Air travel can frazzle the best of us, especially when you're changing time zones, so being able to find the nearest lounge to sit and breathe for a while can really improve your trip. Make use of those frequent flier perks you've worked so hard for!


MyFitnessPal for iOS and Android

Tracking what you eat sounds like a bummer to some, but when you're on the go, it's easy to forget when and what you last ate! Frequent fliers who want to make sure they're eating well can access one of the largest food databases available to log everything from restaurant meals to hotel continental breakfasts. This app can also come in handy for figuring out what travel foods your body doesn't agree with, so you can avoid a grumbling stomach.


Guides by Lonely Planet for iOS

If you're unfamiliar with Connecticut, you can easily find fun things to do in the area (and around the world) with the Guides by Lonely Planet app. Although our Connecticut limo service has knowledgeable chauffeurs that can help you find the best places around to eat, drink, and be merry, we're open to suggestions, too--so we won't be offended if you use this travel app's recommendations!

Posted on Mar 29 2017

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