Best Practices for Duty of Care


If your business enterprise involves corporate travel, you are likely already aware of the mounting safety concerns that impact your business travelers. These concerns, which fall under what is legally referred to as “Duty of Care,” place certain safety bonuses upon the travel arranger responsible. This may be either an in-house or a contracted travel arranger, but typically the Duty of Care contract focuses on taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the business travelers. All arrangements and accommodations must meet standards, and travelers must be immediately contacted with any relevant breaking news such as world events or weather events that could impact their travel arrangements in a negative manner.


Many new travel arrangers think that Duty of Care refers primarily to international travel, but in reality, it equally applies to domestic travel as well. Of course, international travelers face their own challenges, such as large time differences, major cultural and political divides, and language barriers. In such cases, particularly any travel to politically unstable areas, it is highly advised to use a travel arranger with specific international expertise and even embassy contacts. However, even in domestic travel, it is critical to provide safe transportation and accommodations for all clients, contractors, or employees flying under your company banner.


One important part of travel safety is to consider your travelers’ ground transportation options. Attempting to catch public transportation or even hail taxi cabs in an unfamiliar city can be confusing, stressful, and ultimately unsafe for business travelers. If your travelers are looking in Connecticut for car service, our expert team of chauffeurs can provide on-time, on-request black car limousine services to your travelers for all of their needs. Whether it involves getting to the hotel or getting around town, our courteous, professional chauffeurs help your business travelers navigate their destination in style while providing the safest in door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service.


We go the extra mile to help your company uphold its Duty of Care contract with your travelers by providing only professionally trained and licensed chauffeurs. After an extensive background check, each new chauffeur attends both classroom and field instruction to guarantee each traveler has the best luxury limousine experience. Our large fleet is kept in excellent condition and regularly serviced to provide the safety, comfort, and peace of mind your travelers deserve.


Each chauffeur can also consult your business travelers on the best local attractions, restaurants, and even airport facilities to provide a high-impact and high-value to their travel package. We will even monitor their flight times, so your travelers don't need to worry about early or late arrivals and provide infant seats and child seats as needed. Our excellence commitment is to take care of every detail for your travelers, no matter how big or how small.


If your company has any business travel in Connecticut and ground transportation is a need, Premier Limousine can provide the local Duty of Care expertise you require with a winning dedication to the utmost in luxury service.

Posted on Apr 18 2017

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