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 Blog Articles in Limo Service CT

For the business traveler, wearable technology can be one of the most convenient tools on the market. Smartwatches, fitness bands and rings are just some of the many helpful tools available for business travelers. Check out this quick list of the ways you can take advantage of wearable...
When searching for ground transportation, you might be unfamiliar with the industry and questioning what exactly VIP/Premium chauffeured services are and why they are worth the money. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, you should educate yourself on the differences in livery...

Best Practices for Duty of Care

Posted on Apr 18th 2017

If your business enterprise involves corporate travel, you are likely already aware of the mounting safety concerns that impact your business travelers. These concerns, which fall under what is legally referred to as “Duty of Care,” place certain safety bonuses upon the travel...
Easter in Connecticut can be sunny, snowy or anything in between. Despite the unpredictability of the weather, this holiday can also be fun and relaxing! Celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring with a family outing. Connecticut offers many wonderful Easter activities such as scavenger...

Travel Essentials for Stress Relief

Posted on Apr 4th 2017

Although traveling can be a fun experience, it often comes with some stressful situations. Finding your way through a bustling airport or getting lost in a new city can get in the way of having a relaxing trip. The best way to relieve your travel-related stress is to prepare for it ahead...

Best Phone Apps for the Airport

Posted on Mar 29th 2017

Smartphones are providing more and more services every day, and a few simple smartphone apps can make your next trip to the airport go a lot more smoothly. From easily finding local fun in the area you're visiting to avoiding awful jet lag, apps can take your travel game to the next...

What’s Your Travel Persona?

Posted on Mar 21st 2017

Our Connecticut car service chauffeurs get to know a lot about our clients on the road, and we’ve learned there are very specific travel personalities. Perhaps you’ve never considered yours, but we’ve gotten to know there are four very distinct people in the world. You might have an...
Connecticut is almost forgotten as a destination in New England. Many visitors to the Northeast will take the train along the coast of CT and head either to Boston or NYC for an urban adventure. As well, travelers will pass through to go to the great beaches of Cape Cod or the snowy...
Arriving in style is something we understand well. The professional chauffeurs working for our Connecticut car service help business travelers arrive in style every day, and we’ve learned a thing or two about style along the way. Our clients have taught us that arriving in style means...

Ride and Car Sharing: Are You Covered?

Posted on Feb 28th 2017

Our Connecticut limo service provides JFK car service driven by expert chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs must pass written tests and on the road training before they may work for us. Premier Limousine takes a page from superior customer service providers everywhere by offering attention to...