Why you should choose a chauffeur and not a driver


We pride ourselves on providing luxury travel to anyone who wants to take advantage of our airport limo service in CT, and we pride ourselves even more on our team of professional chauffeurs. When someone refers to one of our outstanding chauffeurs as a driver, they don’t realize there’s a difference. To many, the word chauffeur is just a classier way to describe a driver. In reality, there is a significant difference between a chauffeur and a driver akin to referring to a surgeon as a nurse. Both professions require skill and talent, but they’re not the same profession. If you are looking to hire a driver, you might want to know how they differ from our professional chauffeurs so you understand why you should choose a chauffeur over a driver.



The biggest difference between these two professions is the experience they have. Drivers do not undergo the same type of extensive training as chauffeurs, and they don’t have the same skills on the road. A chauffeur is trained to learn the difference between defensive and aggressive driving. Our Connecticut limo service drivers know how to make sure you have the most enjoyable ride imaginable. We want to drive well, but we don’t want your champagne to spill, your ride to be bumpy, or your experience with our service be anything less than perfect.


The Level of Service

Hiring a driver is fine if you want nothing more than to go from point A to point B, as that is the only requirement of their job title. A chauffeur has a more in-depth job title. Our job is to ensure you get where you want to go with the utmost in care, respect, and luxury. Our job is to provide you what you want, whether it’s a bottle of the finest champagne in the back of our limos or your favorite bottled water in our town cars.


The Experience You Have

One of the best things about a chauffeur is he or she is not just going to take you where you want to go. Your chauffeur is going to show you the sights. If you’d like to take the route by the most amazing homes or businesses, the best views, and you want recommendations where to go, this is the best course of action for you. Your chauffeur is not afraid to make unscheduled stops at your request, whereas many drivers are unable to do that for customers.

We work for you. We do what you want us to do, and we do it to your standards. Our job isn’t to get the biggest turnaround by getting you in and out of the car as quickly as possible to make room for another guest. Our job is to make sure you get what you want from the experience you have with us, and it’s for your own good. We hope you have the most remarkable and memorable experience with us, and it’s because we value our customers.


Posted on Feb 21 2017

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