Why Choose Premier Limo for Business Travel


Many of our customers have been using our Connecticut limo and car services for many years, and we’ve been the choice for many business professionals.

So, we considered that writing a blog post dedicated to business people looking for a high-quality ground transportation service would make their experience more pleasant.

Our fleet is the largest in Connecticut. With our amazing fleet of executive sedans, we can tailor your car service to perfectly fit all your needs. Whether you need a comfortable and reliable ride across Connecticut or you need to send a car to pick some VIP guests up from Bradley International, we’ve got you covered.


You Arrive Anywhere on Time

Punctuality is the name of the game when it comes to ground transportation. We ensure that our cars will be waiting before you arrive and will get you to your destination on time, every time.

All of our vehicles are fitted with a special GPS system that is constantly connected to our dispatch headquarters. We know ahead of time about any potential delays or problems, whether there’s traffic downtown or your flight is delayed. We won’t let anything affect your schedule, and we will make everything to offer you a great experience. We offer worldwide transportation services in more than 500 locations.


 You Travel in Comfort

Our luxury sedans are one of the most comfortable cars money can buy. With soft-leather and extra legroom, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable, relaxing ride on the way to your destination.


You Can Make Use of Your Traveling Time

This is a big one for a lot of our corporate clients. Why spend those valuable hours of your day driving when you can sit in the back of a safety, comfortable vehicle of your choice and make better use of your time? You can catch up on emails, make calls in private or even just take the time to switch off so you can be fresh and relaxed when you arrive at your destination.


Give A Statement to Potential Clients

There’s no better way to let your clients know you’re serious than by stepping out of the back seat of one of our luxury vehicles. It might sound like a little thing, but in business, it is sometimes important to appear successful to close a deal.


You Have a Professional Chauffeur at Your Disposal

Our professionally-trained chauffeurs know Connecticut like the back of their hands. They have gone through extensive training, and they have years of experience to ensure they’re the safest and most knowledgeable chauffeurs in the state. When you ride with us, expect first class service from our chauffeurs.


Send a Message to Your Guests

If you’ve got important clients or guests coming to the state, you want to make sure their first experience of the trip is a good one. Have one of our cars pick them up and ensure they arrive in comfort, style and perfectly on time at their destination.

There is no better way to travel than with Premier Limousines.

Posted on Oct 03 2017

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