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Eating Well While Traveling - How to Find Healthy Options Abroad


When you are traveling abroad it can be easy to let go of your healthy eating plan. After all, part of the experience is sampling the local cuisine. You don’t want to miss out on local cheeses or hand made pastries. You may, however, want healthy options when you are not indulging in special treats. You are sure to feel better and have more energy to enjoy your trip if you eat healthy food. At home, you know exactly where to go to find the best healthy foods. A market, health food store, or unique restaurant may not be so obvious in an unfamiliar country. There are, however, ways to find what you need.

Do Some Shopping

It is easy to eat healthy at home because you can simply shop for your favorite foods. Your weekly grocery shopping trip is usually centered around your favorite meals and snacks. The main issue abroad is not knowing where to find the desired items. Instead of relying on restaurant meals, look for local shops and markets. Some little towns have fun outdoor markets that offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and local treats. Stock up for a few days with items you can pack as snacks or lunches while out touring the area. Ask the staff at your hotel where a good grocery store is, as well. Even when you are traveling in your own country, Connecticut ground transportation can help you get to the best stores for your favorite foods.

Adjust your Accommodations

Start thinking about your meals before you even leave home. When deciding where to stay, look for places that have cooking supplies in the room. Some hotel suites have full kitchens or kitchenettes. The extra cost is often less than what you would pay for eating out the entire time. Many regular hotel rooms have at least a microwave, coffee maker, and mini-fridge, as well. You would be surprised what you can do with these items.

You can make hot water for oatmeal and tea with the coffee maker and steam veggies in the microwave. If you are traveling with the entire family for a long period of time, it may be worthwhile to look at vacation home rentals in the area. This helps you to save money on food, allows you wash clothes, and is very affordable when you split costs with a large group. You can use the money you save to enjoy a night out with a Connecticut limo service.

Bring the Proper Supplies

Think about the items you use every day at home to make your healthy meals. If you plan to pack your lunches and snacks, bring a lunch box and several small containers. A water bottle that is easy to carry in a backpack is a necessity for long days out sightseeing, as well. If you plant to prepare some items in your hotel, you may need a few dishes for microwaving items or storing cut up fruits in the mini fridge. You should also be able to pick up some plastic bags at a local grocery store for packing things like trail mix or dried fruits.

There are healthy foods everywhere you go around the world. You just have to know where to look. Some cultures have healthier cuisine than others. If you are in Paris, for example, you may be tempted by fresh pastries daily. You can enjoy a daily treat while still adhering to some of your healthy habits. Ask locals where the grocery stores and markets are to help you gather the proper supplies.

Posted on Feb 19 2019

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