Five Great Ways to Spend Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate our mothers, show how important they are in our lives, and show that we appreciate them. The day is almost here so it means it’s time to start making plans.

This year, go beyond the usual routine and really plan great ways to spend Mother’s Day to make your mother feel special.



Going on a trip is one of the greatest ways to spend Mother’s Day. If you can afford it, make plans to visit your dream vacation spot. You can include family and loved ones to share this special moment with you.

Have so much fun, you deserve it! Try new recipes, go shopping, go sky diving and make memories with your family members and loved ones. You only live once. Have a big laugh about everything, reminisce on good times, take pictures and document it all.



Eating out is also another great way to spend Mother’s Day. Take a break from caring and catering for the entire family. You can leave hints to your family you are planning either brunch or dinner to make them a part of your day. Make a reservation to your favorite restaurant.

Don’t skip out on desert, have variety of meals, wash it down with an old bottle of wine. Time spent with family is never wasted; enjoy it over a delicious meal.



Going to a spa is a good way to get that relaxation much needed. You deserve a full day of pampering after all of the work and energy put into your family. You could ask for it by leaving a list of what you expect or just have your alone time.

Get the whole package including facials, full body massage, pedicure and manicure. Relax and enjoy the whole day.



Being a mom every day is exhausting although we know mothers aren’t complaining and would gladly do it all over again. Taking the whole day off on Mother’s Day is a great idea. Schedule chores ahead so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

See that movie you never had time for, have deep conversations with your family, sleep in a little longer. Catch up on all you have been missing. It’s always refreshing.



Have a complete makeover! How many times have you postponed getting that mascara you so desired? How many times have you put other needs over yours?

Shopping is one of the most relaxing ways to spend Mother’s Day. The day is about you so why not make it about you? Go shopping, buy all you have wanted and be absolutely beautiful. You can also invite your family to spend his wonderful experience with you.



Mother’s Day is a great time to kick off your shoes and really have fun in full swing. We hope you enjoy it with the tips mentioned above.

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Posted on Apr 30 2018

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