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Reasons To Vacation In Connecticut

Posted on Jan 24th 2017

Reasons to Vacation in Connecticut Although Connecticut has been thought of as a pass through state if you're on your way to someplace else like New York or Boston, there are plenty of reasons to make Connecticut your destination, and Premiere Limo Service is there to serve as your...
For business travelers who spend a significant amount of time on the road and in the air, it can be difficult to eat healthy while away from home. Those who are in a rush are prone to grabbing fast food and snacks from vending machines due to lack of time. For those who want to maintain...

The Best Views In Connecticut

Posted on Jan 10th 2017

What better way to take in all the beautiful views of Connecticut than with a luxurious limo ride across the state. Our professional limo service in  Connecticut allows you to sit back, relax and leave it to the experts to provide you with hours of beautiful scenery. There is no need to...
Our chauffeurs offer comfortable, safe experiences for whenever you want to travel for business or pleasure. Since our beginning in 1985, Connecticut has been treated to the utmost in professional and luxurious transportation for any traveler we have had the chance to serve. Let's see how...
The holidays are a great time to reconnect with the people you love the most. If you want to enter the year having a great time with friends and family, Connecticut has a lot to offer. If you'll be in the state for New Year's, here are some fireworks attractions that you won't want to...
Traveling can be expensive for those who want to visit a new location or are spending time away from home. The hotel and lodging are known to be costly and can add up to hundreds of dollars a night when you need a comfortable place to stay. When you want to save money and stay within your...
When you think of chauffeurs, you picture professional drivers who are able to quickly move through traffic and to effectively find the best route to take you from any point A to point B. This is definitely true. Their ability behind the wheel, though, is not the only quality you...
Christmas is just around the corner and with Christmas of course, comes New Year. With both of them come a crazy traffic. Out-of-town guests, families from the other corner of the US will be returning home, friends reuniting after years it's going to be beautiful but pretty...

The Importance of a Trained Chauffeur

Posted on Nov 29th 2016

How do you stand out from the competition in this business? Everybody has amazing vehicles nut what about people? A professional team will make you stand out, for sure. Starting with the chauffeurs.  The truth is that a qualified chauffeur ensures you have a positive experience. Our...

Welcome to our new website

Posted on Nov 23rd 2016

Fresh. Clean. Intuitive. Responsive. Just a few ways to describe our newly redesigned website. Our website is redesigned to give you information with ease, just with the click of a button. All you need to know about our company, services, fleet, prices, contact details as well client...