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Questions to Ask when Hiring a Chauffeur Service


A chauffeur service can be helpful for many different occasions. Formal events are only one of the many situations where you may need a personal chauffeur. Your needs, however, may be different for each event. It is important to hire a company that can provide everything you need and help you plan your itinerary. You need a company that can work with your time frame, group size, and car requirements. Before you hire a company, take the time to ask a few pertinent questions.

Time Frame

Think about your schedule before you call to discuss your chauffeur service. You may need a Connecticut car service for an early morning business meeting or a late-night prom adventure. Make sure the company you choose has chauffeurs available during the hours you need them. A group of professionals from out of town may need to arrive at the office before the sun comes up. They may also need a ride back to the hotel at the end of the day. Make sure the company can accommodate both situations. High school dances often require a limo to escort a group to dinner, to the dance, and then home after. This requires a chauffeur to wait while the group eats dinner and attends the party. 

Group Size

A chauffeur can drive a couple to an intimate dinner or an entire group to a party. A Connecticut limo service often rents out vehicles for all group sizes. The price, however, may have more to do with the type of car than the number of people. A chauffeur is trained to handle all group sizes, treating everyone to a night of luxury. Get an accurate headcount before you call to reserve your vehicle. It is often a good idea to estimate a little higher in case others decide to join in later. Ask how many people can fit comfortably in the type of car you desire to use. You can also ask for recommendations from the car service. 

The Occasion

Chauffeurs are often only thought to drive limousines. There are, however, other options for a chauffeured ride. It can be a great help to have an SUV to for all your business associates when visiting an out-of-town office. It can run up company expenses to allow everyone to use their own transportation service. A chauffeur can be scheduled for the entire week of the trip, if necessary. Simply set up a departure time and have the entire group meet in the hotel lobby in the mornings. 

Limousines add something special to formal dances, weddings, and coming of age parties. You can often choose from different colors, sizes, and amenities. These are often rented out for the entire evening so they can be available for pick-up, dinner, and a fun ride around town before the dance. After a long evening of special treatment, the group is usually dropped off together at someone‚Äôs house. 

Before you call to ask questions, be aware of the group size and time of the event. The time frame is also important. You need a company that has chauffeurs available during the necessary hours. Sometimes you need service more than once during the day, as well. Work with our company to come up with the perfect itinerary for your formal or business occasion. We can also handle personal outings for just a couple of people. We are here to make your transportation convenient and classy.

Posted on Mar 19 2019

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