Safety First - Our Commitment to Duty of Care


Our Connecticut limo service has been in the limousine service business for a long time, and we fully understand how important it is to be able to guarantee our clients a safe journey.

On October 6, 2018, the lives of many were changed when a horrific limo crash in New York claimed 20 people. We are all wondering how it had all happened, and authorities have started to take stringent measures to ensure that such a disaster will never happen again. The limousine involved in the crash had been banned from road usage after failing inspections. Also, the chauffeur involved was also not licensed to drive such a vehicle.

Only few transportation companies adhere to a comprehensive code of care. Due to the negligence of limo companies, many other such enterprises are facing public backlash and scrutiny.

We are saddened to hear that such a tragedy had occurred, and it is our belief that all ground transportation services must adhere to a strict Duty of Care.

We have dedicated this article to informing and assuring our trusted clients on the importance of duty of care. Our obligation is to ensure the safety of all our clients, and we can assure that you will receive dependable, state-of-the-art services every time you choose us.


We Hire the Most-Qualified Chauffeurs in the Industry

The perfect experience can only come about when certain conditions are met, and one of them definitely involves the chauffeurs. We hire only the best chauffeurs in the industry. They are carefully vetted and highly-trained to handle different kinds of scenarios and traffic conditions, so you can rest assured that your ride with us is guaranteed to be safe and comfortable. Our chauffeurs are ready to face even the most unexpected situations.


We Have a Fleet of Late-model, Luxury Vehicles

We are proud to provide our trusted customers with an unforgettable experience. When it comes to passenger safety, no compromise is accepted. Our fleet of vehicles is regularly checked and maintained to ensure your safety, comfort, and peace of mind on the road. Each car is perfectly maintained inside and out and follows both state and location regulations.


We Ensure Client Data Protection and Privacy

We are fully committed to the protection of your personal data and we always work to ensure your information is kept strictly confidential through each transaction. Rest assured and put your trust in us because we will take every means possible to ensure that your data is protected – we constantly update our online platforms and booking systems.


Our Commitment

We would like to thank our staff for being committed throughout the years and never compromising. Our commitment to you means everything to us. We go the extra mile to exceed even your highest expectations. If you need high-quality ground transportation in Connecticut, Premier Limousine can provide what you need. We are always ready for the unexpected, and we always choose safety first.

Count on our Connecticut ground transportation solutions and you can rest assured that, when you ride with Premier Limousine, you will receive first class service.

Posted on Oct 23 2018

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