Set the Mood for your Wedding: Choose the Right Transportation


It takes a lot of preparations to complete the wedding day festivities. Many women dream about their wedding dress and decorations for many years before they become a bride. The colors, cake design, and flowers are only a few of the many things that make the wedding day beautiful. Modern day weddings often have creative themes to make the event more entertaining. The transportation to and from the wedding can even be a part of the fun. A limousine can add a traditional elegance, while a party bus offers many hours of fun before and after the big day.

Formal Weddings

A limousine is a perfect fit for a black-tie event. You can acquire one for the entire wedding party to make sure everyone arrives to the service and reception at the same time. This form of transportation adds the perfect touch of elegance to a dream wedding. Every part of the wedding must match for it to be a truly formal event. Even the guests are expected to dress properly for a formal wedding. A typical car doesn’t look right for these affairs. There are many pictures that involve the arrival and departure of the couple. A limousine is the perfect vehicle to have in the background for these pictures. Our Connecticut limo service can help you choose the right color and size of the limo for the perfect photos.

Casual Weddings

Weddings have changed a lot over the years. You do not have to have a formal event. There are many popular themes to choose from. Many couples plan a wedding at home or outdoors. You can even attend your own wedding barefoot on the beach. You can serve anything from lobster to barbeque at an outdoor wedding. The important thing is to make the wedding fit your personality. A more casual wedding does not require a three-piece suit for the groom or ball gown for the bride. You can stick with a mild dressy look or go with jeans and a sundress in the backyard. A party bus is the perfect wedding transportation, CT for casual weddings. A party bus is meant for fun and some can up to 25 people. You can extend the celebration late into the night or start early to spend some extra time with your wedding party.

A little Something Extra

After the wedding, some couples wish to head off to their home or honeymoon to spend time alone. If the honeymoon does not start until the next day, it can be a lot of fun to finish the night with a drive around town. A party bus allows the couple, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen to enjoy a night out after the busy months of wedding planning. You can simply reserve one for the entire day. It can be used for the standard transportation to the wedding and reception, as well as going out on the town. You can even get creative and use the party bus to go out for brunch with the wedding participants before the event. A relaxing brunch before you begin to do hair and makeup can be a great start to your exciting day.

Transportation affects many parts of the wedding day. You must often coordinate transportation for large numbers of people. You may have bridesmaids and groomsmen that are visiting from out of town and do not have cars with them. A chauffeured limousine or party bus can pick everyone up and have them to the wedding on time. This is a classy and reliable option, lessening the amount of stress many couples feel on their wedding day. Professional chauffeurs know the city well and know key traffic complications in the area. it is often the safest options to use our services for transportation in busy areas. Choose the vehicle that best matches your theme or activities. Both vehicles provide a special ride to make you feel pampered on your big day.

Posted on Jan 22 2019

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