Tips for Traveling the World with Your Family


Traveling the world for business is a dream. But when you’ve got a young family it can be really tough leaving them for weeks at a time. So why not take them with you?

It’s a lot more expensive taking three people away, but there are certain ways to make it more affordable. Here are our tips for traveling the world with your family.


Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Airlines will sometimes put on deals for families that will save on traveling costs. If you’re traveling for business, you usually don’t have the luxury of deciding when you go, but it’s always worth looking for deals anyway. Websites like Expedia and CheapOair are worth checking out, don’t be put off by the name.


Fly Coach

Flights are often the biggest single expense in a vacation or business trip, so you should save on the overall costs by flying coach. Coach class is different on every airline, and sometimes it really isn’t that far off business class. Choose your airline carefully and do your research.


Stay in An Apartment (AirBnB)

Sometimes it is nice to have the luxury of a hotel, with your room being cleaned every day and room service just a phone call away. But if you’re traveling with your family, we’d highly recommend using a service like AirBnB. You will be able to find a private apartment that is like a home away from home for your family, which will be much better for them while you are out at meetings all day.


Make Time for Your Family

This is really important. Don’t drag your family halfway across the world and then leave them to their own devices. Make sure you add a few extra days onto your trip where you don’t have any scheduled meetings.


Buy Groceries for Your Apartment

Another one of the big expenses of a vacation or business trip is eating out at restaurants. This is especially true when you are taking your family with you. Go to your local grocery store and stock the fridge in your apartment.


Make A Plan

When you are traveling for business, you usually pack as many meetings in as possible. So, if you are taking your family, you need to carefully plan your trip. Make sure they have plenty to do each day, so they aren’t waiting for you to finish work every day. Then you can catch up with them later.

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Posted on Nov 07 2017

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