Travel Resolutions – Flexibility is a Virtue


Many people like to plan every detail of their trip perfectly. It can be beneficial to think ahead, especially when you need to make reservations. Transportation, accommodations, and special attractions may all require advance purchases. Sometimes things need to change, however. A situation may be out of your control or you may find something different to do that sounds appealing. When you plan a trip, it is a good idea to leave some space between activities to allow for the unexpected. This can also give you time to relax and enjoy things more instead of rushing from one activity to the next. A little flexibility can make your trip much less stressful.

The Unexpected

Even when you make reservations, there are sometimes circumstances that can cause delays or complications. Delayed flights are very common. If you get to the airport and find out that your flight is not departing as planned, this is a key time to practice flexibility. It can help to keep the first day of your vacation clear of scheduled activities in case you arrive late. Instead, make tentative plans for the day you fly in to your destination. If your flight goes as planned, you can enjoy some relaxed sightseeing, a good local restaurant, or a little nature walk.

If you are stuck at the airport for several hours, you can often find something to do. If you have kids, it is easy to amuse them with all the exciting sights of the airport. Watch planes land and take off, eat at a restaurant, or do a little shopping. If you have a delay of several hours during a layover, you may have time to see something interesting in the town you are stopped in. Call for a Connecticut car service to visit a restaurant or museum nearby.

Unplanned Adventures

Most people make detailed plans for the sights they want to see on their trip. This can often leave you overscheduled and stressed out. Many people find themselves wishing they had a little more time to relax at some locations. You may find that the museum has a bigger exhibit than you expected or notice a local café that you really want to try out. Be flexible with your schedule so you have time for some unplanned adventures. You can leave extra time between tours or leave an entire day open for discovering local treasures. Don’t be afraid to change your plans at the last minute if you find something different you would rather try out.

Backup Plans

Being flexible means, you think about backup plans and are prepared to use them. Hotel reservations get mixed up, tours become full, and weather may not be ideal. If your hotel mixes up your reservation, you may need to have a another one in mind or accept a different size room. Sometimes this can even be fun, as you may end up with an upgrade at no extra charge if it is the hotel’s fault. If the tour you wanted to experience is full, ask a local about nearby attractions to keep you busy while you wait for the next one. If your transportation plans aren’t working out, you can do something completely different, such as hire a Connecticut limo service to take you on a tour of the city. Backup plans can turn out to be the most memorable part of your trip.

Flexibility is key when you travel a lot. Even when all your plans work out well, you may find some unexpected things to enjoy. Don’t miss out on these because you are concerned about a specific itinerary. If something doesn’t work out, stay positive and use it as an opportunity for adventure. Our chauffeurs can make the experience even more enjoyable. They have knowledge of the different areas of town and value your safety. Our limo service can get you to all of your planned and unplanned destinations.

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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