What to Know About Your Travel Insurance


The reasonable thing to assume when purchasing a travel insurance is that it will cover all the aspects of your trip. However, this is rarely the case. Travel insurance is often full of holes that come in exclusions, which can be confusing, counterintuitive and frustrating.

An example of that is trip cancellation insurance that doesn’t cover cancellation under every circumstance. You have to pay for a “cancel for any reason” add-on to enjoy that.

This understanding of travel insurance is confusing for most travelers. To make it easier to understand, we have put together a list of things your travel insurance won’t cover. But, don’t just take our word for granted, you must read the contract yourself.

Outlined below are five things your travel insurance won’t cover.


Losses Caused by Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are not included in your travel insurance coverage. What do we mean by “pre-existing”? Well, it depends on the time you were diagnosed relative to when you purchased the travel insurance. There is a “look back period” that ranges between 60, 90, or 180 days before the purchase.

Basically, if there are symptoms or treatment of the medical condition during this look back period, your travel insurance will not cover it. Losses due to stable conditions are usually covered, if there is no change in treatment or the symptoms.


Dental Care

Your travel insurance does not cover a routine dental care. However, it does cover extreme dental trauma under certain circumstances. What do we mean by “extreme dental trauma”? Damage to healthy natural teeth can count as one.


Risky Activities and Sport

If you are an active traveler, you should know that your travel insurance doesn’t cover problems that are due to adventure sports such as snowboarding, bungee jumping, backcountry skiing, rafting, scuba diving, caving, skydiving, etc.

Other policies take this exclusion to the next level by including any sport that involves body contact. That’s right, no more football tournament for the kids. So, if you intend to plan an active vacation, go through the list of activities and sports that are considered too risky. Do this before making a commitment to the policy.


Traveling for Medical Procedures

Another thing your travel insurance does not cover are the issues arising from traveling for medical procedures. We are talking about medical treatments that are either too expensive at home or are only available overseas.


Pregnancy and Childbirth

Your travel insurance does not include a childbirth expense. As such, if you give birth while traveling, you won’t be covered by your insurance. However, some travel insurance policies cover complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth.

So, if you’re planning to travel while pregnant, make sure you read the terms carefully.


On a Final Note

Aside from the five items outlined above, there are other things your travel insurance won’t cover. These include;

  • Medical evacuation
  • Natural disasters (before purchasing insurance)
  • Bad weather
  • Anything without proper documentation

Knowing what your travel insurance covers offers you the comfort you need during your trip.

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Posted on Jul 03 2018

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