What’s Your Travel Persona?


Our Connecticut car service chauffeurs get to know a lot about our clients on the road, and we’ve learned there are very specific travel personalities. Perhaps you’ve never considered yours, but we’ve gotten to know there are four very distinct people in the world. You might have an idea what you are in terms of your travel personality, or you might think you are one way when you’re a completely different personality. We like to keep things fun and entertaining at our Connecticut limo service offices, which means we are sharing one of our favorite personality trait tests with our clients. Which travel personality are you? We know which ones we are.


Careful Planners

You leave nothing to question. You have everything from limo service to your hotel booked months in advance, and you have every confirmation number memorized and stored in your meticulous planner before you leave home. You have water, snacks, medication, and sanitary wipes on hand for any travel emergency, and nothing is left to chance. Your plans are made far in advance, checked, double checked, and re-checked so many times there is no room for error.


Open-Minded and Adventurous Souls

You love to have fun, and you’re going to go where the wind takes you. You’re not worried about a canceled flight leaving you stranded in a strange city for a night. You’re going to find out where the best place to have a drink is, and you’re going to give our limo company a call to reschedule your airport pick-up for the following day without a worry in the world.


Always Connected Traveler

You’re impatient, you don’t understand what the problem is, and you know you can run an airline, our car service, and the entire city with more efficiency than anyone else. We value your opinion, and we often learn from travelers like you what we can do to provide more efficiency to our other clients. You love to travel, but you don’t do well when your travel plans do not run smoothly and without issues.


Pampered and You Love It

You won’t sit anywhere but first class, and you certainly don’t want anything but the best champagne the private airport lounge has to offer. For you, we make sure you enjoy all the amenities our luxury vehicles provide, and we always know the way to every upscale hotel, restaurant, and location in our area.

We all have a different travel personality. Did you find out which one you are, and were you surprised by the results? No matter who you are and how you like to travel, our luxury vehicles are perfect for you and your travel desires. From simple service with a lot of recommendations for great off-the-wall local spots to red carpet service and prompt appearances, we know how to make sure our clients are treated exactly as they prefer the moment they enter our vehicles.

Posted on Mar 21 2017

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