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The rigors of travel should not be more than one can stand. At Premier Limousine, we can be there to make sure you travel in supreme safety and luxury. Our vehicles are not only the most stylish and comfortable to be found anywhere, but they are also the safest. A large part of that fact comes from our dedication to hiring professional, friendly, and experienced chauffeurs. This is part of our desire to be more than just a way to get from one place to another. Whether you are traveling for business, or if your reasons involve pleasure, it should go without saying that you deserve a perfect ride from start to finish.

If you need more than just transportation, our Avon limo service can provide you with additional features, as well. From touring Avon and the surrounding areas, to taking advantage of our ability to help you meet a complex array of special travel needs, you can rely on us for anything you may have in mind. Contact us today to get started.

Seamless Avon CT Limo Service 

The first thing to keep in mind with Premier Limousine is that we are not merely a car rental service. Obviously, we can take you to any locations you wish, and we can pick you up from anywhere in Avon or the surrounding areas. At the same time, don’t forget that our services can extend to so much more than just transporting you from one place to the next. Our Avon CT limo service is designed to fit a wide array of needs and possibilities.

We can provide you with the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of the area. We can make sure you have a unique, party-like atmosphere for an occasion such as prom night, or perhaps a wedding shower. Simply put, our chauffeurs, experience, and range of services/vehicles are all such that we can meet any demands you may have in mind. Any Avon car service that can’t be customized to meet your specific needs really isn’t a service that’s worth your time or energy.

From making sure you’re on the best route possible, to ensuring your comfort and safety is met on every possible level, we pride ourselves on being a limo service that goes the extra mile for clients. The sooner you contact us to start planning your trip or occasion, the sooner we can show you everything we have to offer as Avon’s definitive limo service.

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Avon Limo Service


Ron was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! He provided great service, was responsive and very professional and cordial. The guest all appreciated and like him and Marty and I quickly identified him as our go-to-man. Thank you for assigning him to our event this weekend. He took any...


My driver was absolutely wonderful. My flight was delayed and we were stopped for 2 hours on the highway because of an accident and the driver could not have been better. I felt safe and thought he handled the situation wonderfully. He was terrific.

Rebecca L.

By way of this letter and on behalf of the Driver Recognition Program, I wish to recognize your employees for outstanding efforts in helping to reduce idling, improve public health, protect the environment, and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors to the...

Eulois Cleckley, Cecily Beall and Marcia Ways

Everything went very well. Thank you for the great service.

Anne S. Evans

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